Warrior Mindset

How to Create “POWERFUL” Productivity Mindset without Negative Habits

Focus Like Monk

How to Focus Like Monk Without Distractions (Including Digital Distractions)

100% Consistency Framework

How to become 100% Consistent in Every Goal/Routine/Habits Easily?

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Ramesh Yadav is a Software Developer turned Productivity Expert, son to an awesome couple, fitness freak and creator of Productivity Empire having 170+ warriors now.

He started at lower middle class raised by a single parent, but strong desire to help his mom to run the family. He started hustling since 2014 but nothing moved until he found he was not productive.

Once he become obsessed with his productivity by reading 127+ books, learn from every productivity experts like Brian Tracy, James Clear, Robin Sharma, Steven Kotler, Brendon Burchard… after 3 years of intensive research he built - EFFORTLESS PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM

Now, he mastered 13+ skills in his Entrepreneur Journey, runs his 7 Figure Business Online and impacting people productively every single day.

What other says

This course changed my life into completely new dimension. The step by step action plan with weekly support from this guy is incredible. Highly Recommended for everyone who is struggling with procrastination.

Rathish Thomas
Informational Security Analyst

Ramesh Yadav has completely surpassed my expectations. I liked his energy! He makes me a Super Productive Girl in my life. Now, I become Hyper Focused, Super Disciplined and Dedicated Consistency easily.

Software Developer

Just by applying his principles, I got 3x my sales in a month. Whatever, Ramesh Yadav mentioned in his course are mind blown. Especially, the habit trackers and simple yet powerful exercises made me more Productive!

Sales Representative , Byju's

A detailed review of one of the most important skills in productivity management by Ramesh Yadav . I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. In particular, I enjoyed the tutorials and reference management tools. Highly recommended

Tharun Sajjanam
Software Employee

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